June 2013 Compilation

by 12in12x12

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In June 2013, a bunch of musicians wrote and recorded 12 songs in 12 hours. Some writers wrote, some painters painted. Some will do it again in July, and in August, etc.


released June 30, 2013

If you want to check out the rest of what each of us did during our twelve hours this month, visit our individual pages and sites...

01 Bunny Knutson: Los Angeles, CA, USA: soundcloud.com/bunny-knutson/sets/12in12x12-june-2013-set
02 JANG: Sacramento, CA, USA: jang.bandcamp.com
03 King Everything: Lockport, NY, USA: kingeverything.bandcamp.com/album/spreadth
04 Hello Underground Typewriter: Colchester, Essex, England: soundcloud.com/brothertypewriter/hello-underground-typewriter
05 Robert Furtkamp: Pocatello, ID, USA: soundcloud.com/rfurtkamp/sets/making-stars-2013
06 Tadeusz Deręgowski: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina: tadeuszderegowski.blogspot.com.br/2013/06/tacuarembo-uruguay.html
07 Jojo Wasem: Curitiba, Brazil
08 jacebeats: Buffalo, NY, USA
09 Lynnora Gwaltney: North Adams, MA, USA: soundcloud.com/lynnoras-originals/sets/june12in12x12
10 Bacon: Colusa, California, USA
11 Zjit: Sadnes, Norway: zjit.bandcamp.com/album/rough-around-the-hedges-12in12x12
12 Instagon: Sacramento, CA, USA: instagon.bandcamp.com/album/a-dozen-paths-to-escape-complete-boredom-vol-6-12in12x12series
13 Shifting Buffalo: Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England
14 Tobias Reußwig: Greifswald, Germany:
15 Twisted Torus: Sacramento, CA, USA:
16 RhythmEngine: San Antonio, TX, USA: rhythmengine.bandcamp.com/album/it-speaks-volumes
17 GüD: AYR, Britain (UK)
18 TwoYearsBefore: Antrim, Britain (UK): soundcloud.com/twoyearsbefore
19 Andy Ard: Denver, CO, USA
20 Rightclik: California, USA: soundcloud.com/rightclik
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Track Name: Tobias Reußwig "Divine and OH SO REGAL transmissions" (text​.​.​. klicken Sie auf "Lyrics", um ihn zu lesen​.​.​. click "lyrics" to read it)
Discodu! E-Tear-ic and corporeal gobbydock dobbydu! Thou prettiest of old, thou greenliest of now and money-wasting trump-queen of spleens! Du reddish-eine, ja! Ja, thou'rt so beaude as princes flying fast above the horizon-lair! Thou chlor and phylly one, because YOU ARE NOT A PLANT! (Nad nad nad.) Junk is were you dwell, but you keep the junk-squad far. Oh you silver-bulleting monstrosity above the virgin morning star, thou deep-sea travelling worm of one thousand and twenty-3 summers! Tell me, dududu, are you my mommy? And please, could I have my fries peppered? Seriously, what does any of this even mean?

Inside my pineal gland, I heard a resounding answer. Mind you, in HM / SH \ (look, SH lives in a tent!) fashion, I had to spend time, first in stranage places, taking starang things upon me and even sterenger things into me, until I was finally avanged enough to justily hear a voice calling through my pineal gland, and thus I heard the following words, though not written down and not really, you know, with my ears, either, since they're kinda on the outside and my pineal gland on the inside of my body. If it's any different for you, I suggest you consult a doctor or spend less time in front of a mirror practicing neurosurgery on yourself. But not at the same time, that would be desastrous. Where was I? Oh right, the voice I heard / did not hear but kinda, didn't read either. Perhaps it's best to say I perceived the words. Maybe it's that. It was kinda, you know, like, tuning a radio to the right station? Suddenly I could hear it / not hear it, like a transmission, but the beginning eluded me at first:
"...pal, just as lung cancer, you know? Man, I should've never smoked." I was devastated, I had missed the most important part of the analogy, namely the FIRST part! All I had gotten was dudu's ranting on her need to stop smoking! What the hell! I threw a sissy fit, like, totally throwing stuff around the room, screaming like a banshee who had just learned she was adopted by Santa who doesn't exist. And then I used some words like F*ck and C*nt and P*ss and Sh*t and felt totally big daddy like, remembered what his wife said about words with a set amount of letters, shared my observation with all those present and added the nice L*ve to the list of utterances, also G*ld and B*t*. I was so preoccupied, in fact, by standing there going Bee-Star-Tee-Star, that I almost missed out on the message being repeated! I directly calmed down and tuned back into my pineal perception:
"This is not a warning, this is not a threat. Colonisation is a possibility under such dire circumstances, but let's not rush that hand that bites us. Once, millenia ago, I lived on a planet completely populated by apiformes. And I played the violin and danced like a grasshopper. Oh yeah baby, crazy times like wacka-back-tooooey!" The voice-not-a-voice I heard-did-not-hear paused-did-not-pause to howl-not-howl like a wolf-not-a-wolf. "I think the first signs of the end came with a chopper to chip off my block. All electrical devices magically stopped working. Vice-gathering H-Bombs burned quietly on the horizon. The magicans danced (hey, quite a bit of dancing in this text, eh, eh? Get it? Augh, never mind...) a sisal fandango and a jute cha cha cha. Anyway, Paul, right back atcha. That's just what I could make of it, interpretation is strictly interpolated. Like that day at the sea, pal, just as lung cancer, you know? Man, I should've never smoked." The rest was static so I dropped some acid to experience the mind-expanding qualities therein... and mind you, to drop in and tune out. Fuckin' maniacs on the gland-waves these days. Holy poly! Wussten Sie eigentlich, dass die Zugspitze nach ihrer schlichtweg miserablen Isolation benannt wurde?
Absolutes absolute Scheitern breakdown, Fehlschläge failures ohne without gleichen equal! Und and in in kristallisierter crystalised Vegetation vegetation – wage dare ich I es it zu to sagen say? Starrt stares mich me an on, beißt bites sich itself in into mich me, das the Angesicht countenance der of the Schönsten prettiest, immerdar forevermore.
Parisian mercenaries, so hot! ERIS wherefore art thou Romeo? Easy, my child, because of the horrible jokes Shakespeare wrote.

Episkopos pope II unguru, HTtEE, FAoM, SoaIT, KSC FECIT
H.E.! H.D.! 401 Apfelblütenkraft! Ordo ab Chao, Brassica. Y OSV.